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The electrodynamic loudspeakers applied in transistor portable receivers have to have the small sizes. Proceeding, I choose a type loudspeaker from these reasons: 0,2GD-1, with parameters:

The modern production technology of the radio-electronic equipment, essentially new circuit decisions, which realization became possible on its basis as the quantity of elements and complexity of schemes when using integrated chips stopped being the limiting factors, allowed to raise sharply quality indicators of all types of the radio-receiving devices.

Now, around the world for reduction of weight and dimensions for reduction of painstaking of installation works in radio receivers use integrated chips (IMS). The integrated chip may contain a large number of elements, having at the same time quite not big dimensions and weight. Modern chips may contain assembled cascades of the radio-receiving device that considerably facilitates design and designing of the radio-receiving device.

Modern radio-receiving devices provide a reliable communication with space stations, work in satellite communication systems, in multithousand-kilometer radio relay lines. Navigation, aircraft are inconceivable without perfect radar stations today.