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It is important to be careful at the use of garlic, especially to persons with violation of warm activity because at the excess use of garlic the opposite effect which is expressed in angiospasms of heart and brain can be observed.

The people occupied with the inactive work which is not demanding big ­ need to try to include as little as possible sugar in the diet. To the people working physically the use of sugar sharply should not be as they spend a lot of energy.

The vegetable shop of restaurant or the dining room together with the storeroom of vegetables in the uniform block with warehouse that provides convenience of unloading of vegetables at receipt. The shop has to have convenient interrelation with cold and we heat shops in which process of release of finished goods comes to the end.

The device for browning of onions and carrots consists of two round frying pans with a mixer. The case of intensive cooling is intended for fast decrease in temperature up to 4 - 6 productions hotter ± in capacities.

The homeland of rice India where it is cultivated long since is considered. Now his main producers are China, India, Vietnam, Japan and Burma. Rice as well in Italy, Spain, the USA, Brazil, Argentina, etc. the countries is cultivated.

The set for development of vegetable and krupyany products, meatballs, a with a productivity of 5 thousand products of various weight consists of two thermal devices for a pripuskaniye of vegetables, the protirochny car and the forming device.

The ware has to be made from not! the oxidized metal to have an equal bottom, smooth walls, strongly attached handles, marking with the indication of its capacity. In small amounts apply coppers, pans to cooking. For browning, suppression and a pripuskaniye - or conical stewpans. Also marmitnitsa, steam boxes use. For frying - different baking sheets and frying pans.

In food, ensuring drinking and cultural and community needs of the person water has exclusive value. In an organism it - the main environment in which the metabolism, and also a substratum of a number of chemical fermentativny reactions proceeds; contains in all liquids and tissues of a body, making 65% of its weight. In a look organic and mineral substances, necessary for an organism, are dissolved. Only in the water environment occur electrolytic dissociation of salts, acids and alkalis, processes of digestion of food and redistribution of substances in fabrics, and also removal from an organism of harmful products of an exchange are possible.

Ancient Greeks attributed to garlic miracle, vseukreplyayushchy property. Garlic contains squirrels (5%), sugar (to 2%), acids, mineral salts, vitamins of group B, vitamin C (10 mg of % in a bulb and 55 mg of % in a per, iodine, cellulose and other substances. The specific pungent smell and sweetish burning relish to garlic is impacted containing in it is mute essential oils.

- sucrose - the difficult chemical possessing sweet taste well soluble in water. It is quickly split in a digestive on simpler components - glucose and fructose which are right there soaked up in blood. Caloric content of 100 g of sugar makes about 400 kcal. However it does not contain vitamins and mineral elements therefore it is called often the carrier of pure (empty) calories.

Slices of meat it is shifted in the deep not oxidized ware. Onions are cut by rings, we pickle, we add salt, sugar, pepper, vinegar, vegetable oil. We mix and put in a cold place to be pickled for 4-6 hours.

In forward part of the case the unloading mouth for a of a ready-made product is located. For simplification of unloading on a shaft the shovel with 3 blades which, rotating together with shaft is located, the crushed products in capacity for collecting.

Potatoes are successfully used as dietary means. In it is mute contain promoting functioning of a liver lipotropny a, and thanks to considerable prevalence of compounds of potassium over it possesses diuretic action. It is useful to know that potassium salts, as well as all nutrients, remain in potatoes if it is baked or boiled in "uniform" better.