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For example, the actual size of a cyclic reserve is equal in shop 135 pieces, and the standard size of a kit of parts is equal 50 pieces. Then the first party it is possible to release the size of 35 pieces, and the subsequent (second and third) – with a standard size of 50 pieces.

The Annual Production Program of Plant (APPP) on production and shipment of production, as a rule, is distributed in the beginning on quarters. Then the quarter production program is distributed on months. Distribution at once on months is possible.

The monthly production program gives the chance to prepare production for its performance, to calculate requirement and in due time to provide shops with necessary materials, tools and industrial equipment, to take measures to elimination of "bottlenecks".

Calculation of the monthly production program for shops consists in determination of total of details (the assembly units, products) which are subject to start and release in a month, and also terms of start and release of kits of parts within a month. The plan of release of products by plant in the planned month according to distribution of GPPZ on quarters and months, calendar and planned standards and data on the actual reserves (remains) of details for the beginning of month in shops and in warehouses form a basis for its drawing up.

where t'msl – standard labor input of processing of m-go of a product on s-y to group of the interchangeable equipment in l-m shop, h/prod.; gsl - coefficient of performance of norms of time for s-y to group of the equipment in l-m shop taking into account tasks on decrease in labor input of processing.

Drawing up podetalno-pooperatsionny KPG — a multiple, complex and labor-consuming challenge. Its diversity is caused by two moments: a choice of a kit of parts of the concrete name from among all, demanding processing on the relevant group of the interchangeable equipment (working places, and a choice from group of the interchangeable equipment of a workplace for processing on it the considered kit of parts.

The accounting of a partionnost of production of details not only provides timely release of products from assembly and uniform work of the subsequent shops, but also rhythmical start release of kits of parts in this and the subsequent shops.

The lagging behind details whenever possible seek to start and let out in the first days of month. The term of release of the next party of a detail of Dv il  — that working day on which release of details with the accruing result release of the previous kit of parts is provided. Term of start of a kit of parts

Rounding of the size Ttsil is made as follows: if the calculated value of Ttsil has less than two tenth after a comma, rounding is made to the next smaller integer; if it is equal or more than two tenth – that to the next bigger integer.

In a mass production reverse reserves are counted generally between shops and sites which appear because of an inequality of the sizes of kits of parts in them. If the relation of the bigger size of kits of parts to smaller in adjacent shops (as in course the project equally to an integer,

The evidence-based calendar and planned standards (CPS) are a basis of high-quality quick scheduling, form initial base for drawing up the interconnected plans ensuring uniform functioning of workplaces, sites, shops and effective use of fixed assets material and a manpower, facilitate an operating control behind the course of production and production regulation.

The size of the first started kit of parts of nz i 1 in the first shop is accepted equal to the standard (settlement) ni size, that is it is supposed that materials (purchased it is enough semi-finished product for its start. For other shops (the second, third etc.) in a route of processing of a detail the size of the first started kit of parts

performance of GPPZ in l-m shop (l =1, L), piece; Tsl — labor input of performance of GPPZ on s-y to group of the equipment in l-m shop taking into account performance of norms of time, h/year; L — number of producing departments; S — total number of groups of the interchangeable equipment.