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If the business plan is used constantly, it is possible to apply the sliding planning and to treat the plan not as to dogma, to finish it and to remake. It is impossible to forget that the business plan is an instrument of strategic planning, the main mechanism of the analysis.

It is very important to define, what aim is pursued by airline. Whether for a long time to be fixed on this route and to get the profit accepted for a survival, or to be fixed on this route for a short time, to cancel competitors, to get the maximum profit and to look for the following route, a so-called niche of the market.

The main objective of the chief of IAS - performance of functions on control of completeness and quality of TO AT and carrying out actions for maintenance of serviceability of VS, their and ensuring the demanded level for safety of flights.

perception of profit as a basis of successful activity of, the main generalizing economic indicator, the providing economic, scientific and technical and social development.

The main route of airline - the Petropavlovsk-Kamchatsky settlement Lake. It should be noted that it is the most reliable route of airline in the relation. The type of service in delivery of passengers and freights is of this in a wide consumer demand, the airline has the regular customers and carries out the services qualitatively and professionally to retain this market niche.

At any economist development and the research of strategic planning and planning for the next periods marketing plan developed by famous foreign economists is of special interest: Kotler, Amstrong, Saunders, Wong.

To survive in these conditions, it is necessary to decide on introduction of technical and other innovations, on courageous, nontrivial actions, and it strengthens risk. It is necessary to reconcile to inevitability of risk, to predict it, to estimate, not to pass admissible limits.

Management of processes of TO and P will be organized according to of NTERAT GA-93 and made on the basis ­ / annual/, quarter and monthly plans of use of VS, the plan of flights made the day before. Plans are led up all of IAS.

Apparently from listed, the personnel structure of airline by accurately harmonious work collective united by a main goal - safety of passengers and freights since it makes the main quality of the provided service.

The leading firms of the West were defined in the relation to complaints of consumers for a long time and consider that complaints – fine opportunity to increase quality of service, and if the fast and effective system of consideration of complaints is adjusted, the care of the consumer in the course of rehabilitation can be a source of unsurpassed competitive advantage.

For safety of flights – (and this main quality of the service provided by airline) very much the importance has structure of crew of the helicopter which under the leadership of the commander of a creates comfort and convenience to air passengers.

The exact characteristic and scales of the end results of work of the enterprise and whole by dates, and also results of work of shops and other divisions on everyone a separately are surely specified in the plan.

The plan of the enterprise considering work of people and the movement of resources (material and financial), is valid the order for specified in is mute persons and structural units. In the plan extremely accurately and in detail:

To application of internal marketing the airline is compelled by the competition. In general, if in a services sector to approach marketing from the scientific point of view, internal marketing has to precede external marketing. There is no sense to advertize excellent quality of service until the personnel is not able to provide it.

Directly directs and THAT organizes work on performance of operational types, analyzes a cause of failures and malfunctions of AT, marriage and mistakes in work of ITS of change and takes measures.

But the airline pays much attention to internal marketing, i.e. pays special attention to quality of work of the personnel. Actually small structure of employees of airline is motivated on that it is qualitative and reliable to serve the consumer.