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3 in case of acceptance by the recipient (buyer) of production transferred to lower grade, this production according to the act of results of acceptance is remarked at the expense of the manufacturer (sender).

4 The claim following from delivery of production which is not corresponding on quality, completeness, container, packing and marking to standards, specifications, drawings, compoundings, samples (standards) is shown by the recipient (buyer) to the manufacturer (the sender, the supplier) in due time.

number and date of the invoice and consignment note according to which production arrived, and date of receipt it on the recipient's warehouse, and on delivery production the supplier and at holiday of production from a warehouse of the supplier — number and date of the consignment note or invoice according to which production is handed over;

To 2 Representative authorized for participation in acceptance of production on quality and completeness the single certificate signed by the director (organization) or his deputy is issued properly the enterprises issued and certified by the press.

g) date of arrival of production on station (pier" port) appointments, time of delivery of freight by body of transport, time of opening of the car, the container, a motor van and other sealed-up vehicles, time of delivery of production for the recipient's warehouse;

2 At absence of the representative of the manufacturer (sender) on a call of the recipient (buyer) in due time and in cases when the call of the representative of the manufacturer (sender) nonresident is not obligatory, quality check of production is made by the representative of the relevant branch inspectorate for quality of production, and quality check of goods — the expert of bureau of commodity examinations or the representative of the relevant inspectorate for quality.

surnames, initials of the persons who were taking part in acceptance of production on quality and in drawing up the act, a place of their work, positions held by them, date and number of the document on powers of the representative on participation in check of production on quality and completeness, and also the instruction that these persons are acquainted with production acceptance procedures on quality;

The term of office of the representatives of the public of the enterprise recipient allocated with factory, factory, local committee of labor union for acceptance of production on quality can be determined for a term of office of this committee of labor union.

In the act before the signature of the persons participating in acceptance it has to be specified that these persons are warned that they bear responsibility for signing of the act containing the data untrue.