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Any violent damage of tissues of body, any body or all organism in general is called as a trauma. The trauma as a result of which there is a violation of integrity of integuments or mucous membranes of a body of the person, is called as a wound.

The plait represents a special rubber tube or a strip with a hook on one end and a loop on other. The plait can be and made of cloth, 3 centimeters wide and 1 meter long, supplied with a buckle and the adaptation for a tightening. As a zakrutka it is possible to use the scarf twisted in the form of a plait, a thick rope etc.

Internal bleeding is distinguished on suddenly come pallor of the person, a pobledneniye and a cold snap of hands and feet, the speeded-up pulse. There are a dizziness, noise in ears, cold sweat, then there comes the state of shock. At the first symptoms of internal bleeding of the wounded it is necessary to bring to medical institution immediately (observing necessary care).

At wound of the person very often use prashchevidny bandages. For this purpose take bandage or a strip of a matter, both ends make an incision, leaving whole a middle part. Having imposed a middle part on a nose or a chin, the ends cross also the lower tie on a darkness, having carried out them, ahead of ears, and top — on a nape. The similar bandage becomes and when bandaging a wound on a nape or a darkness.

Let's investigate some methods of manual pressing of an artery at various wounds. They need to be trained in advance. Anyway the necessary artery should be pressed fingers to close located bone. For example, if the wound is located on a forearm, an artery press to a humeral bone from the inside of a shoulder. For this purpose it is necessary to know an arrangement of the necessary artery and to be able to find quickly it on a pulsation, to feel as fingers that the artery lies on a bone to which it should be pressed in case of need.

The plait or a zakrutka should be imposed over clothes (or over several layers the bandage is higher than a wound and it is possible closer to it. Having imposed, thus, a plait and having pushed a stick or any subject in the formed ring, it is necessary to rotate it until the extremity is drawn and bleeding will stop. The plait has to be well visible, it cannot be closed clothes or bandage. It is necessary to tighten a plait only before the termination of bleeding: the excessive tightening increases pain without need and quite often injures nervous trunks. Too poorly tightened plait strengthens bleeding. It is impossible to hold a plait more than 1,5 — 2 hours. During this time it is necessary to bring the victim to policlinic or hospital. If it did not manage to be made, after 2 hours the plait has to be weakened for some minutes at simultaneous pressing of the damaged vessel by a finger, and then is imposed slightly above. In cold time it is desirable to weaken a plait in each hour for a short time. It is necessary to remember that at all cases of imposing of a plait or a zakrutka under a bandage the note with the indication of date and time of imposing of a plait is left. The plait and a zakrutka are imposed only on a hip and a shoulder. After manual pressing of a vessel or imposing of a plait (zakrutka) the wound needs to be closed a bandage.

Venous bleeding is determined by dark red, cherry color of blood which follows from a wound a continuous stream, but slowly, quietly, without pushes. Such bleeding can be plentiful, however, as a rule, imposing of the pressing bandage and giving of sublime provision of affected part of a body happens sufficient for its stop.

Eight-figurative bandage (in a form reminds figure it is applied when bandaging joints of foot and brush. If foot, for example bandage is damaged, is fixed by two-three turns round foot before fingers, then it bring from the inside of foot to an external surface, surround with it a shin behind and return it from the inside of a shin on an external surface of foot. Further pass bandage under foot on a sole and do by bandage the following course, partially closing it previous.

Arterial bleeding is determined by scarlet color of blood which jumps out of a wound the pulsing stream, sometimes in the form of the fountain. It is life-threatening, especially if the large artery as the wounded for a short period can lose a large amount of blood is injured. In these cases before imposing of a bandage it is necessary to take immediate measures to a bleeding stop. Loss 1/3 all blood is life-threatening the person.