The Guide To Study Philosophy

3 simple ways to make first

With VDT and PEVM it is necessary to use the LPOZ6 series lamps with zerkalizovanny lattices completed with high-frequency puskoreguliruyushchy devices to lighting of rooms (VCh Ave. Use of lamps without lenses and the shielding lattices is not allowed.

The coefficient of a pulsation should not exceed 5% that has to be provided with application of gas-discharge lamps in lamps of the general and local lighting with high-frequency puskoreguliruyushchy devices (VCh PR for any types of lamps. In the absence of lamps with VCh PRA of a lamp of multilamp lamps or nearby the located lamps of the general lighting should be turned on on different phases of a three-phase network.

Artificial lighting in rooms of operation of VDT and PEVM has to be carried out by system of the general uniform lighting. In production and administrative public places, in cases of primary work with documents, use of system of the combined lighting is allowed (to the general lighting the lamps of local lighting intended for illumination of a zone of an arrangement of the document in addition are installed.

As heating devices in machine halls and archives of information need to be installed registers from smooth pipes or panels of the radiating heating. It is impossible to use water-heating devices and steam heating in archives of magnetic data carriers, and also in machine halls.

It is necessary to limit unevenness of distribution of brightness in sight of the user of VDT and PEVM, thus the ratio of brightness between working surfaces should not exceed 3:1-5:1, and between working surfaces and surfaces of walls and the equipment 10:

When performing the main work on VD'T and PEVM (dispatching, operator, settlement cabins and posts of management, a hall of computer facilities, etc.) in rooms with VDT and PEVM noise level on a workplace should not exceed 50 dB (.

For the purpose of reduction of negative influence the monotonian Period it is expedient to apply alternation of operations of the intelligent text and numerical data (change of the content of works), alternation of editing texts and data input (change of the content of work).

Types of work are divided into 3 groups: group A - work on reading of information from the VDT or PEVM screen with preliminary inquiry: group B - work on input of information; group B - creative work in the mode of dialogue with the COMPUTER. When performing during a shift of the works relating to different types of work with PEVM and VDT it is necessary to take for the main work such which takes not less than 50% of time during a shift or the working day.

Illumination on a table surface in a zone of placement of a brief has to be 300-500 lx. Installation of lamps of local lighting for illumination of documents is allowed. Local lighting should not create patches of light on a surface of the screen and increase illumination of the screen more than 300 lx.

As light sources at artificial lighting mainly luminescent lamps like LB have to be applied. At the device of the reflected lighting in production and administrative public places application of metalhalogen lamps with power up to 250 W is allowed. Use of glow lamps in lamps of local lighting is allowed.

During the regulated breaks for the purpose of decrease in a neuroemotional pressure, exhaustion of the visual analyzer, elimination of influence of a hypodynamia and a gipokineziya, prevention of development of poznotonichesky exhaustion it is expedient to carry out complexes of special exercises.