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The purpose of accounting reports in this situation in general separately does not come to light, is simply claimed that "Accounting reports of the organization are the final stage of registration process. The property and financial position of the organization, results of economic activity in it for the reporting period (month, quarter, is reflected by the accruing result." 20

In the majority of the American grants according to the financial accounting of the purpose of the account as those are not formulated, and the purposes of financial statements are formulated. According to SFAC 1 (Statement of Financial Accounting Concepts - the provision on concepts financial the account these purposes are formulated tak:18

In the world there is extremely large number of models of the account. Distinctions of these models are caused by both the historical reasons, and distinctions of conditions of environment in which the enterprises of various countries function. It is impossible to classify them in all respects and it is hardly necessary. It is possible to allocate, nevertheless, two classifications which are rather simple, but thus on the are interesting.

The part of the principles following on importance after the purposes are qualitative characteristics of information. In the USA four such characteristics of information are allocated: relevance, reliability, comparability and sequence.

Undoubtedly, distinctions of factors of environment and a historical way of development are the main reasons for distinctions of two models, and to divide them extremely difficult. Probably, it is more correct to speak even about the distinctions caused by development in different historical conditions.

And the last one after another, but not the last on importance sources of GAAP are precedents of the account and the standard business practice. These sources of GAAP are a little documented and are practically not generalized. However it is impossible to underestimate them. The general orientation of registration practice to a rationality and integrity often leads to that for the proof of applicability of this way of the account it is enough to prove that this way was already applied or applied in similar conditions.

The financial statements have to contain information on economic resources of the enterprise, receivables..., and also results of operations, events and circumstances which change these resources and debt.